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Leak proof or absorbent underwear – what’s best for me?

  • Leak proof underwear only has a leak proof layer, which is covered by an additional layer of bamboo fabric – this fabric will absorb light spotting, but it cannot contain a high discharge.
  • Leak proof underwear feels like regular underwear, and gives you extra confidence when you don’t expect any discharge.
  • If you do expect a discharge, we recommend using the absorbent style, as this will provide greater back-up to your sanitary regime. Please consider the hygiene implications if you choose to wear the absorbent underwear without extra sanitary protection

How much liquid will the absorbent style absorb?

This style will comfortably absorb 2 tampons worth of fluid – approximately 25mls. Further absorption is possible, however we don’t suggest that you “push it” that far – the underwear has limits, so please appreciate that the underwear should be changed if you start feeling uncomfortably wet.

Is the sizing US standard?

Yes, the sizing is US standard. However, the perception what is truly “standard” been confused by the growing prevalence of “vanity sizing” in the past decade. Please contact us if you require any further help with sizing, as we are always happy to help.

What is the fabric made from?

The fabric is a blend of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex (elastane). The bamboo gives the fabric a soft, silky feel, while the spandex allows for a comfortable, close fit

Are these hot to wear?

  • With the extra layers of fabric, the underwear is warmer to wear than regular underwear.
  • Bamboo fabric is more breathable than polyester and cotton, which is why Bambody underwear is cooler than other brands of period protection underwear

Does the underwear make a rustling noise?

No. The underwear will not make any noises as you walk or move around

Can this underwear be used for protection while swimming?

Once the underwear is soaked with water, it will not offer any extra protection. We suggest that you use a menstrual cup while swimming, as this will contain a discharge if correctly worn

How much liquid will the absorbent style absorb?

  • The leak proof layer is bamboo fabric with a polyester laminate
  • The absorbent material is a fabric gauze
  • Neither materials have direct contact with your skin

Will they leak if I put them through the dryer?

Providing that they don’t shrink or warp, the underwear will still maintain its leak proof and absorptive capacity

Are they odor-proof?

They will only remain odor-free if they are washed regularly, and if they are changed

How long will a pair last?

  • We highly suggest that you at least soak the underwear as soon as possible after wearing, especially with the absorbent styles, as this will prevent the underwear from drying out.
  • If you wash after wear and follow the care instructions, you should get at least 6 months out of a pair of undies.

Can the underwear be dried using a tumble dryer?

Because bamboo fabric can shrink with high temperature, we suggest that you line dry. However, if you can set your dryer to a low heat, you may find that the underwear will not shrink. Please test with just one pair of underwear to see if the low heat setting of your dryer is satisfactory to ensure no shrinking.

Can I wear the underwear without extra protection, or should I use sanitary wear, such as tampons, pads or cups?

  • We highly suggest that you consider all period protection underwear as being back-up to your sanitary regime, especially if you are not familiar with the limitations of a particular pair of undies. It is then a matter of judging how much protection you think you would need, as well as the hygiene benefits of disposable sanitary wear.
  • If you expect any discharge, it is highly recommended that you use sanitary wear.

Where is Bambody designed and made?

Bambody is designed in Australia and made in China. Our factory in China adheres to strict standards of employee pay, working hours and conditions.


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